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Pastor Glenda Lavon McArthur is the daughter of the late Carl and Ida Bell McArthur of Rowland, NC. She was born on August 6, 1961 in Latta, SC. Her family moved to Baltimore, MD when she was five years old and relocated back to Rowland, NC after a few years. Upon graduation of high school, Pastor Camara attended the University of North Carolina at Fayetteville. She returned to Baltimore and completed her studies at John Hopkins University.

Pastor Camara’s spiritual journey began at an early age when she was baptized in the name of Jesus Christ at the Highway Church of Christ, 3100 West North Avenue in Baltimore, MD under the leadership of Bishop Fred Page. Her family served faithfully under this leadership until they were led to join the Highway Church of Christ on Harlem Avenue under the leadership of Bishop Robert Evans.

Pastor Camara joined New Memorial Temple Church of Christ in Washington, DC under the leadership of Bishop Willie O. Pittman in 1988. Three weeks later she received the gift of the Holy Ghost. She was called into the ministry in 1990 and ordained one year later. She was then called to evangelize and was ordained an Evangelist.

In 1992, Pastor Camara married Mr. Yakouba Camara and 14 months later was blessed with a son, Ebrahim Kallu Camara. Ebrahim prayed to God for a brother, as he already had a big sister, Crystal McArthur. Six years and two months later his prayers were answered; the Lord blessed that union again with a baby boy, Caleb Ameil Camara.

In 1997, Pastor Camara became the Assistant Pastor of the New Memorial Temple of Christ in High Point, NC; under the leadership of Bishop Pittman. In August of 2001, she accepted God’s will for her life and began to pastor Outreach Ministries in Takoma Park, Maryland. God has blessed Outreach Ministries Greater Highway Church of Christ, Inc., and we are now located in Baltimore, MD. Pastor Camara says, “I feel like I’m home again!”



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